How it works

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The easiest and most straightforward way to purchase real estate. Your SDIRA pays for the property in cash without relying on other funding sources and holds the property title.


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Team up with other IRAs, your personal funds, or the personal funds of other investors to purchase your investment property. Ownership, expenses, and profits are divided in proportion to each investor’s contribution. 

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(Non-recourse Loans)

You can leverage your investment by using a non-recourse loan to buy an investment property. Non-recourse loans ensure that if your IRA defaults the lender’s only recourse is to foreclose upon the real estate used as collateral. 

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Though this structure generally takes more effort to establish initially, it has a few key benefits. Establishing checkbook control makes you less reliant on your SDIRA custodian. The funds you deposit into your LLC’s checking account are readily available. Your transactions become as simple as writing a check. It also allows you to purchase and sell the LLC’s investments without involving your custodian, saving you money and time.